Developing non-gambling sites and Social Marketing


Random Thoughts on Developing non-poker sites and Social Marketing

As some of you may know, I have not touched my poker sites since Black Friday. I haven’t because there is no certainty on how many will be made from poker and don’t want to promote outside USA. If it goes on longer, I will try to get foothold in other countries. For now, I’ve decided to develop non poker sites and just do some high stakes poker coverage instead of going full blast. One of the big reasons is budget – I don’t have any. Black Friday devastated me and I lost some 3000 domain names.

Back in the days of Myspace, one could buy a bot and add thousands of people a day. Then you could have the bot post banners in people comments etc etc. Recently, I bought a Twitter bot and the account was frozen within one hour and it wasn’t even set to add that many people. Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks have bot counter measures in effect, so this doesn’t work that well anymore. I decided to start pages on Facebook and add friends to it instead. Well, only some friends would join my pages, so I ran one ad to test it. I spent $8.00 and got 430 likes on my Martial Arts Training Guide page. This seems really easy… But how to monetize that page and not get booted from Facebook? I think the best idea would be to simply develop a martial arts website and every other post I make, I post link to my story or video that’s on my website. Instead of posting a video to YouTube, I embed the video on Facebook, then link to my martial arts forum. I figure if I advertise and spend $800.00 I can get 40,000 likes on my Facebook page. So, essentially I’m paying Facebook to get internal traffic – It’s good to be the king. But really, I’m paying them to be able to spam my sites and interact with their loyal database of users all while effectively targeting future users for my sites. The ultimate goal would be to sell ad space on my martial arts forum after I build up huge amounts of traffic.

I still have to look up the guidelines for Gambling pages. I know at least a year ago they wanted 50k a month minimum for advertising gambling related websites. This is way beyond my budget so that’s why I decided to go after another industry for now.

As I posted yesterday, I am working on my poker sites again, so expect to hear more from me!

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